Accounting & Tax Consultancy

To be successful, any enterprise regardless its size often needs a financial and accounting expertise. Instead of hiring your own staff with fixed monthly payroll expenses, our experienced professionals can handle the accounting work for you in monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. We can provide any aid necessary for Rep. office, WFOE, JV and Domestic company, etc.

Why use our outsourcing Accounting & Taxation services?


Saving in recruitment and management of staffs


Saving working space for staffs


Saving staff’s fixed monthly payroll and social benefit contribution


Better quality in output as supervised by professional accountants


Let you focus on your own main business which can fasten the development of your company

Our service includes: 

Accounting Services

Financial advisory of project investment

Financial and accounting advisory

Designing of financial and accounting system selection of accounting set-up accounts

Maintain accounting books and records

Prepare regular & special financial reports

Providing support to your accounting staffs or training

Taxation Services

Acting as clients’ Tax agency and consultancy, preparation and filing of tax return

Tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimise their tax liabilities legally

Estate duty and stamp duty planning

Annual Incorporate Tax Liquidation

Tax Exemption

Tax Refund

Government Incentives

Income Repatriation

Auditing Services

Advice to clients on accounting, taxation and auditing issues

Auditing small, medium and annual financial statements

Company investigation on irregularities, valuation and due diligent audit

Internal audit and operational review

Capital verification 

Management Consultancy

Feasibility study and evaluation of projects

Advice on management organisation

Review and build up on computerised management information system

Our Service Advantages: 

Bilingual Service

Our staffs are perfectly bilingual, which allow us to assist our clients to achieve the efficient transformation of multi-national accounting systems, smooth communication with overseas headquarters, and accurate financial reporting.

Hassle-Free Management

We adopt a 1+N team management model: where one staff member provides services, and the team provides support to assist with the various needs of enterprises across a variety of operation stages.

Customised Services

We provide financial outsourcing services according to actual needs in the areas of projects, business functions, personnel, and departments in order to enable clients to benefit from a truly tailored service.

Transparent Accounts

Transparent accounts ensures that all contracts, bills, cash/bank accounts, and AR/AP accounts receive match perfectly and are accounted for according to each project's specific needs, with no issues of inaccuracy.


We provide a high-level security system with data backup for double the insurance. We have adopted the Mac high-security server to prevent data leakage.

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