Employee Services

With rapid development in China, recruitment and employee management become key issue to each company. We are a professional HR service company any which could offer one-stop HR services start from staff on-board service, pay for staffs salary and social insurances, consulting for HR related laws and regulations, etc.

Our services cover in Recruitment, Employee benefits & welfare, Outsourcing Service, Consulting service and Foreign personnel service as below:

1. Recruitment Service.

According to our clients’ recruitment requirements, we could help to recruit staffs through all kinds of recruitment channels.

Recruitment & Assessment

Professional Consulting service

2. HR Outsource Services.

Deal with staffs on board and quit job procedures.

Calculate and hand in social insurance and housing fund for the staffs.

Calculate and pay for the staffs’ salary.

Offer solutions for staffs additional welfares.

Other benefits for the staffs.

Personnel & Legal benefits outsourcing service

3. Expatriate Service.

Agency social insurance service 

Entry service - visa, work visa and residence permit, etc. 

Health security

Remuneration outsourcing

4. Professional HR Consulting Services.

Professional solutions for HR related work and procedures.

Professional consulting for HR related regulations and laws.

Help clients to deal with the labor disputes with the staffs.

Our Advantage:

Reduce Human Resources Management Cost:

The client may reduce HR overhead for the hiring companies by managing the hiring procedures (including the signing of labor contracts, social security collection, etc.), payroll, personnel records, job qualification assessment, labor disputes and other personnel matters for save the cost round 60% - 70% of the original cost according to the official survey. It does not only save time and effort, but also provided cost-effective approach for the hiring company.

Flexible access and security control:

Your human resources management staff can access payroll accounting records, process status and report, monitor or participate in the payroll process any time. All the client’s HR information will be kept by us which can keep maximum confidentiality.

Professional knowledge and compliance:

Through a unified platform, set the local salary management and HR professional knowledge in one, to ensure the provision of high quality services and comprehensive compliance with the various policies and norms

Human Resource in China / Payroll / Visa for foreigner in China / Work Permit in China / Resident Permit in China , AC Business Consulting,AC Business Consulting Shanghai Company Limited

Human Resource in China, Payroll, Visa for foreigner in China, Work Permit in China, Resident Permit in China - AC Business Consulting

Human Resource in China / Payroll / Visa for foreigner in China / Work Permit in China / Resident Permit in China , AC Business Consulting