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HK Offshore Company


Generally, Hong Kong companies are being used because of following advantages:

With British legal system as background which is well adopted, Hong Kong has very stable social and political environment. English and Chinese as bilingual legal language.

Being international center of information exchange and transportation hub. Close to and with excellent relationship with Mainland China

Wide freedom on choosing the company name

No restriction on the business scope except special business which requires special certification

With very low tax rate. Tax exempt for income not incurred in Hong Kong (offshore income)

No restriction on the capital and do not need capital verification

With very active and freedom in manpower, logistic, fund transferring and financial activities. No restriction in fund transfer to and from most part of the world. No custom duty on the import-export goods, etc.

Easy to get the residence certification. The client can apply for the multi-entry into Hong Kong when your company pay tax

Key Corporate Features

General Information

Political Stability

Very Good

Type of Company


Legal System

Common Law + Basic Law

Corporate Requirement

Minimum Number of Shareholders


Minimum Number of Directors


Registered Address


Company Secretary



Corporate Tax


Filing of Annual Return


Hong Kong Shelf-companies


Public Disclosure

Beneficiary Owner (s)


Filings Shareholder (s)


Filing Director (s)


Formation Requirement

Company name

Same company name is prohibited according to Hong Kong Company Registry

Either an English name or Chinese name; or

Both English and Chinese name

Shareholder(s) and Director(s)

No nationality restriction

Individual and/or Corporate shareholder is acceptable

Corporate director is acceptable but at least one natural person as director

Note: New companies Ordinance effective on 3rd. March 2014. Every private company should have a natural person director.

Company secretary and Registered Address

Comply with Hong Kong Ordinance, appointment of Company Secretary and Registered Address is required.

Note: If join our “Company Secretary” and “Registered Address” parking services, this information is no need to provide. 

Capital Requirement

Minimum subscribed share capital is 1 share (equivalent to HKD1)

No par-value for share(s) 

Note: No capital duty required on or after 1st. June 2012 for new incorporation, increase of nominal share capital and allotment of shares

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Offshore Company Setup,Company Setup in HK , AC Business Consulting