Trademark Registration

Why Register Trademark in China?

Owners of registered trademarks have the ability to prevent others (i.e., their competitors, partners in China, or any other third parties) from using their registered trademark without permission. Your registered trademark can also successfully prevent others from (a)- acquiring trademark rights in your trademark, and/or (b)- claiming that you are infringing their trademark rights. Trademark Infringement actions can be costly. Few companies have the financial strength to overcome the full or partial loss of their right to use their own business name or product name. Consequently, trademarks are critical business assets. Coca-Cola is commonly believed to be the most valuable and admired trademark worldwide.

Trademarks protect your business name, product names, Domain names, logos and slogans. The decision to Trademark is likely one of the most important business decisions you will make. We would be pleased to assist you with the complex trademark registration process.

How to protect your trademarks and service marks in China?

In China you must register your trademark with the Chinese Trademark Office in order to protect your exclusive rights to that trademark in China.

The Chinese trademark law system is different from the U.S. federal trademark law system. The Chinese Trademark Law provides: "Any natural person, legal entity or other organization intending to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark, including service mark, shall file an application for the registration of the trademark with the Trademark Office".

Legal Basis

Types of Marks

Registrable Marks

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Trademark Application Procedure

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Criminal Penalty

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